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Nural Products

Promoting Performance and Protecting the Environment

Nüral is at the forefront of piston technology, thanks to Federal-Mogul’s ongoing commitment to research and development (R&D). Recent progress in direct-injection diesel engine technology would have been virtually impossible without Nüral pistons.

Nüral has years of experience in rapid product development, ultra-modern production technology and flexible service. Nüral pistons not only perform to exacting standards, but they also support environmental protection.

Federal-Mogul has combined the AE® and Nüral piston product lines to provide unrivaled coverage for applications in gas and diesel engines for the commercial vehicle, automotive, agricultural, marine and industrial sectors.

Our proven expertise in engineering and manufacturing OE components directly benefits our aftermarket customers. We offer an increasing array of innovative technologies designed to solve a problem, make the job easier or improve vehicle performance.

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