Flag Liberia

Althought Liberia is a low income country heavily reliant on foreign assistance and its security situation is still fragile, the social and economic structure in Liberia is rebuilding.

International aid organsiations and the UN Mission in Liberia brought money and jobs into the country, a development which increased also Liberia's demand for high quality spare parts. Today Liberia is one of KonPart Import-Export GmbH's main markets.

KonPart Import-Export GmbH is supplier of the following brands in Liberia:

BorgWarner Schwitzer KKK Turbo Chargers

Bosch Products

DTP Products

Gemo Products

Mahle Products

MONARK Products

NE - NPR of Europe Products

Reinz Products

SM Motorenteile Products

Facts & Figures

Country's Name: Republic of Liberia
Offical Language: English
Capital: Monrovia
Location: West Africa
Area: 97.079 km2
Climate: Tropical
Population: 4.092.310 (2014)
Population Density: 42 p/km2
GDP: 730 million U.S.$ (2007)
GDP per capita: 340 U.S.$ (2007)
Currency: Liberian Dollar (LRD)
Time Zone: UTC
ISO 3166 Code: LB / LBR
TLD: .lr
Calling Code: +231

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