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Federal-Mogul Products

Best Portfolio of Aftermarket Spare Part Brands

Federal-Mogul is one of the world's leading companies for Original Equipment (OE) and aftermarket spare parts.

Featuring the industry's best-known portfolio of brands and products, Federal Mogul Corporation offers aftermarket solutions for engine, sealing, steering, braking and routine service repairs for millions of cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles across every continent:

No other parts manufacturer comes close to matching Federal-Moguls installer-preferred brands in terms of reputation and loyalty!


Aftermarket customers across the globe benefit from Federal-Mogul's engineering and manufacturing expertise as a leading supplier of Original Equipment (OE) technologies for the world's major automotive manufacturers. Federal-Mogul offers a complete array of innovative products designed to solve problems, make the repair job easier and improve vehicle performance. Federal-Mogul provides you with excellence in advanced engine solutions, which meet high standards set by vehicle and engine manufacturers. Federal-Mogul aftermarket products are designed and built to meet OE replacement demands and certified in worldclass testing facilities.


Federal-Mogul's factories are supported by a global network of Research & Development centres. These technical centres have been equipped with state-of-the-art testing and development process and equipment to ensure that Federal-Mogul stays ahead of its competitors and develops parts and materials aligned with the needs of today’s vehicles and powertrains. To Federal-Mogul, cooperation at the design stage is vital. This is why Federal-Mogul engineers work alongside Original Equipment manufacturers to develop new technologies, improve fuel efficiency and contribute to lowering CO2 output. With approximately 200 scientists and engineers working on technological developments, and 26 test beds for both light vehicle (LV) and commercial vehicle (CV) engines to analyse the outcomes of their research, it is easy to see why Federal-Mogul is a leader in providing the perfect match between application and product.


Federal-Mogul offers complete repair solutions for LV, LCV and CV engine repairs - including all main engine parts, gaskets, seals and headbolts - through a group of globally recognised brands that are developed by experts in each product category. Federal-Mogul engine and sealing brands benefit from this global R&D network and manufacturing know-how.

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