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ContiTech Products

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OE Belts & Airsprings for the Aftermarket

As part of the Continental AG, ContiTech is one of the leading OEM and aftermarket suppliers of highest quality plastic and rubber parts like drive belts, air springs, brakes and hoses for the automotive industry.

Built into many cars, trucks, buses and trailers as original equipment, ContiTech timing belts, v-belts, v-ribbed belts and air springs are first choice when it comes to high quality aftermarket replacement parts.

As development partner and original equipment manufacturer of components and systems with wide-ranging material and process competence within the automotive industry, ContiTech provides with its around 40.000 employees and production facilities in more than 40 countries innovative engineer solutions to car, truck, bus and trailer manufacturers around the world.

ContiTech Spare & Service Parts for the Automotive Aftermarket - Proven Original Quality

ContiTech's leading position as automotive OEM, basis for its international aftermarket spare part business. ContiTech offers a tremendous range of plastic and rubber spare and service parts for cars, trucks, busses and trailers in original equipment quality for many makes and models. By choosing ContiTech power transmission elements you are opting for the quality also preferred as original equipment by leading vehicle manufacturers.

Contitech Belts

  • Timing belts: Timing belts for driving camshafts, balancer shafts, fuel injection pumps or water pumps
  • V-ribbed belts: V-ribbed belts for driving ancillary components in cars and commercial vehicles
  • ELAST V-ribbed belts: Elastic V-ribbed belts for ancillary drives without a tensioning pulley
  • V-belts: V-belts for driving ancillary components in cars and commercial vehicles

All ContiTech drive belt meets all requirements of the automotive industry:

  • Cold startability down to -40° C
  • High dynamic and static temperature resistance up to 140° C
  • Compact designWear resistance
  • Noise minimization
  • Emissions reduction
  • Fully functional over the entire life of the engine

Contitech Belt Kits

All ContiTech kit components are perfectly matched to each other. ContiTech offers kits in various configurations for almost any vehicle in OEM quality.


  • OEM quality
  • No need to order individual parts
  • Precise matching of components to vehicle

Image of ContiTech belt kit with product box

Timing belt kits

ContiTech timing belt kits contain timing belts, tensioning pulleys and idlers and consumables required. In addition to the timing belt, ContiTech kits contain all relevant components required to change the belt properly.

High quality of perfectly matched ContiTech kit components guarantee for perfect performance:

  • Timing belt
  • Tensioning pulleys, idlers or guide pulleys
  • Consumables such as screws, nuts or springs
  • Belt change sticker
  • Optional with water pump
V-ribbed belt kits

ContiTech v-ribbed belt kits contain V-ribbed belts and, depending on the vehicle application, all necessary components such as tensioning and idler pulleys, tension dampers, or mounting material:

  • V-ribbed belts
  • Tension and idler pulleys
  • Tension dampers
  • Mounting material

Contitech Air Springs for Commercial Vehicles

Image of ContiTech air spring

ContiTech is a recognized development partner and original equipment manufacturer for the commercial vehicle industry and produces original equipment components and complete systems for self-adjusting air suspension in commercial vehicles, busses and trailers.

Contitech offers to the aftermarket a wide range of air springs in OE quality:

  • ContiTech Air Springs for Axles
  • ContiTech Air Springs for Cab Suspensions
  • ContiTech Air Springs for Driver's Seats


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