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MAHLE KNECHT Filters - High Quality Filters from MAHLE

With its two filter brands KNECHT filters and MAHLE filters the MAHLE Group is one of the largest filter manufacturers in the world. Due to its high quality standards and innovations MAHLE KNECHT filters are supplied to many brands in the automotive industry as OE filters as well as to the aftermarket as MAHLE KNECHT aftermarket filters. With its filter production facilities in Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Brazil, Japan and China the MAHLE KNECHT filter product range adapts perfectly to the requirements of the different markets.

The product lines of KNECHT filters and MAHLE filters are identical. Quality and item numbers are identical. They differ in their logos on products and packaging only.

As official MAHLE KNECHT filter wholesaler KonPart Import-Export GmbH offers the complete MAHLE KNECHT aftermarket filter program such as:

  • MAHLE KNECHT Filters for Cars
  • MAHLE KNECHT Filters for Trucks
  • MAHLE KNECHT Filters for Busses
  • MAHLE KNECHT Filters for Earth Moving and Construction Machinery

Please find below the official MAHLE KNECHT filter catalog for North America, which covers a lot of European and Asian vehicles too.


MAHLE KNECHT Filter Catalogue

MAHLE KNECHT Filter Catalogue

This is MAHLE's Filter Catalogue for the North American market, covering American, European and Asian vehicles. Please use this catalogue for KNECHT filters too. Multilingual English, Spanish and Franch.


The MAHLE KNECHT filter product lines include the follow filter types:

  • MAHLE KNECHT oil filters (OX / OC)

    MAHLE KNECHT oil filters reliably prevent dirt particles from entering the lubricant circuit and maintain oil quality as well as the performance and efficiency of the engine. Thanks to stable pleat geometry, cold start stability is assured.

    • MAHLE KNECHT spin-on oil filters (OC)

      Load peaks up to 20 bar are compensated due to the high pressure resistance of the housing. A pressure relief valve guarantees the oil supply under all conditions - for viscous oil as it is encountered during cold start or at low temperatures and also for strongly contaminated filter elements, when the replacement intervals have been exceeded. An anti-drain valve prevents the draining of the filter when the engine is switched off and secures fast oil supply when the engine is started.

    • MAHLE KNECHT oil filter cartridges (OX)

      With filter cartridges from the OX and OX-Eco program MAHLE offers particularly economical solutions for workshops: instead of replacing the complete filter, only the dirty filter element has to be exchanged. In the OX-Eco version, the artridges are metal-free and can therefore be incinerated completely.

  • MAHLE KNECHT air filters (LX)

    Clean air intake is one of the most important conditions for optimal engine power, high torque, low fuel consumption and minimized pollutant emission. With MAHLE KNECHT air filters up to 99.9% of dust, soot and tire wear particles are filtered out. At the same time, an optimal air/fuel mixture is assured. The high particle uptake capacity ensures long service life also under extreme conditions such as heat, cold or chemical influences. MAHLE KNECHT quality filters prevent premature wear of the valves, cylinder work surfaces, piston rings, bearings and other engine components. To ensure perfect and lasting filter performance, all filters must be replaced within the replacement intervals stipulated by the car manufacturers. In the passenger car sector, round and panel elements are fitted in air filter housings mounted to the engine or chassis and are stabilized with glue beads at the dirt side and support grits at the clean side, depending on the specifications of the car manufacturer. For dust rich areas, an additional pre-cleaner in form of a foam mat is placed at the dirt side. For higher surface loads, metal or plastic support studs are used. In commercial vehicles, robust and at the same time low-weight air filter systems made from recyclable plastic are used that can also reduce air intake noises. In order to achieve a large filter surface at thigh stability, the filters are mostly cylindrical. To improve efficiency, radial sealing and axial supports are used. Additional safety inserts in form of special fleece cylinders protect the clean side of the filter element during maintenance and replacements.

  • MAHLE KNECHT fuel filters (KC / KL / KX)

    Modern fuel injection concepts require extremely clean, homogeneous and pulsation-free fuel supply. However, foreign particles can get into the fuel during the production and transport process and need to be filtered out. MAHLE KNECHT fuel filters hold back foreign particles reliably. Thanks to highquality filter media, the fuel system is protected from smallest dirt particles and therefore from corrosion damage. This safeguards the engine function and assures the efficient operation of the vehicle. The required constant fuel supply is achieved with pressure regulation and recirculation of the surplus fuel from the injection pump to the tank. Pulsation damping compensates for the pressure fluctuations caused by the fuel pump. MAHLE KNECHT fuel filters comply with the correspondingly high safety standards of the car manufacturers and ensure sealing tightness even in the event of accidents. However, an important condition for correct functioning of the fuel filter is that filters are replaced within the maintenance intervals stipulated by the car manufacturers.

    • MAHLE KNECHT inline fuel filters (KL)

      Inline fuel filters are mounted in line with the fuel line as the name indicates. They are made from steel sheet material with corrosion protection, stainless steel, aluminum or plastic. Optional functions such as pressure regulation, pre-heating, cooling and water separation are available.

    • MAHLE KNECHT fuel filter cartridges (KX) and spin-on filters (KC)

      Fuel spin-on filters are designed for easy and fast replacement. Depending on their type, they are supplied with a thread to connect a water drain plug or water level sensor. For replaceable filter elements only the dirty filter cartridge is replaced. These filter elements are also available in version that can be incinerated completely easing the burden on the environment.

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