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IKA GeBe Products

IKA is a trade company for electrical spare parts for Starters, Alternators and AC-compressors, which was founded in 1983. During the last 28 years the company increased its stock and services steadily. IKA now distributes over 7.000 components and parts. IKA supplies over 500 customers in over 70 countries including all wellknown rebuilders and wholesalers.

The long experience in different markets worldwide makes IKA to a reliable partner with a high quality for established and innovative products.

As IKA Ge Be supplier, KonPart Import-Export GmbH exports IKA Ge Be products such as IKA Ge Be Carbon brushes, IKA Ge Be Alternator parts, IKA Ge Be Pulleys, IKA Ge Be Bushings / starter parts, IKA Ge Be Starter sockets, IKA Ge Be Starter parts, IKA Ge Be Brush holders, IKA Ge Be Bearings, IKA Ge Be Repair kits.

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