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OE Quality Gearboxes, Axles and Spare Parts for the Aftermarket

As part of the world's second largest automotive spare parts supplier ZF Friedrichshafen, the ZF brand is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology. ZF Friedrichshafen operates about 230 sites in 40 countries, plus more than 70 own service facilities.

ZF's original equipment expertise is transferred into its aftermarket business, by offering OE quality complete components and spare parts for cars, trucks, buses and off-highway to the aftermarket. Maximum quality and technology expertise from original equipment manufacture are successfully demonstrated in ZF's aftermarket spare parts business. With its comprehensive product portfolio, ZF brand ensures the performance and efficiency of vehicles throughout their entire life cycle.

Professionals rely on aftermarket complete components and spare parts in OE quality from ZF. KonPart Import-Export GmbH offers ZF's complete transmission and axle spare part ranges for trucks buses and cars suitable for ZF components.

KonPart Import-Export GmbH supplies the following complete ZF lines (complete components and spare parts):

  • ZF transmission for commercial vehicles & passenger cars
  • ZF axle for commercial vehicles & passenger cars

As authorized exporter of ZF gearboxes, axles and spare parts, please do not hesitate to contact us in case of demand.

ZF Genuine Gearboxes and Transmission Spare Parts for Trucks, Buses & Cars

ZF offers you everything your need when it comes to transmissions: New or exchange genuine gear boxes and spare parts or repair kits.

ZF keeps its comprehensive range of more than 100.000 transmission spare parts for all types of trucks and buses in stock at its logistics centres. ZF aftermarket spare parts are subject to the same quality and inspection processes as ZF's volume production components, so that all supplied parts are of proven OE quality. Long-term reliability, as ZF warrants spare parts provision for up to 15 years after volume production phaseout, and even longer for vintage cars. ZF also supplies OE quality ZF transmission oils to the independent aftermarket.

ZF's volume production-level first-class quality, technology and guarantees are also available on the aftermarket:

  • Complete genuine gearboxes
  • OE quality spare parts
  • Comprehensive product range
  • Over 100.000 transmission parts always in stock

Information about ZF EcoLife Gearbox

ZF Gearboxes for Trucks:

  • AS Tronic
  • AS Tronic Lite
  • AS Tronic Mid
  • Ecolite for Light Trucks
  • Ecomid
  • Ecosplit
  • EcoTronic Mid

ZF Gearboxes for Buses:

  • AS Tronic
  • AS Tronic Lite Coaches
  • EcoLife City and Intercity Bus
  • EcoLife Coach
  • TraXon

ZF Gearboxes for Cars:

  • 6-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • 6-Speed Manual Transmission
  • 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission
  • 7-Speed Manual Transmission
  • 8-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • 8-Speed Dual Clutch Transmissio
  • 8-Speed Hybrid Transmission
  • 8-Speed Plug-In Hybrid Transmission
  • 9-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Converter Hybrid Transmission
  • Ecolite for Pick-Ups

 ZF Genuine Axles and Axle Spare Parts for Trucks, Buses & Cars

ZF offers complete front and rear truck axle systems including wheel suspensions, suspensions, dampers and brakes used by vehicle manufacturers all over the world. To the aftermarket, ZF supplies compatible genuine spare parts for truck, bus and passanger cars axle repair and maintenance.

ZF New and Replacement Axles for Trucks, Buses, Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles

ZF supplies new and replacement axles. A replacement axle for trucks, buses or cars is a fast, low-cost, ecological alternative to conventional repairs. ZF replacement axles meet the same quality standards as those from high-volume production. Customers also benefit from technical advances in volume production axles as ZF integrates these into the re-manufacturing process. ZF replacement axles come with a one-year warranty.

Information about ZF AVE 130 Axle

ZF Axles for Trucks:
  • AVE 130
  • Planetary Steering Axle APL 90
  • Suspension Rear Twin Axle
ZF Axles for Buses:
  • AV110 Portal Axle for Midi Buses
  • AVE 130 System
  • Rear Axle System A 132
  • Rear Axle System AV 133
ZF Axles for Cars:
  • Driven Solid Beam Axle
  • 1-Stage Power Take-Off Unit
  • 2-Stage Power Take-Off Unit
  • Engine-Bound Front Axle Drive
  • Frame-Bound Front Axle Drive
  • HAG REar Axle Drive
  • Vector Drive

ZF Genuine Axle Spare Parts for Trucks, Buses & Passanger Cars

ZF stocks more than 100.000 spare parts for all types of truck, bus and passenger car axles. All ZF spare parts are produced with the same manufacturing processes as ZF's volume production components and are subject to the same quality and inspection processes. ZF warrants for up to 10 years after volume production phaseout, and even longer for specific ZF axles.

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