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Nissens Products

Knowledge creates growth

Since 1921, Nissens has developed, manufactured, and supplied a wide range of automotive radiators, climate control products, and thermal solutions for a variety of businesses all over the world.

All Nissens products and services derive from a desire to supply the optimum solution to any need. Doing this requires not only a sound knowledge of technology, possibilities, and markets, but also a continuous curiosity. Curiosity means not settling for anything but the best, thus always following new paths, developing efficient solutions, and optimizing existing products. Curiosity causes knowledge, and this knowledge is in turn utilized to create growth for both Nissens and our customers all over the world.

Knowledge creates advantages

Nissens offers a catalogue comprising more than 12,000 items, and new ones are continually added. Every single product is the result of development, testing, and evaluation, and development in one field often leads to results which can be utilised in other fields. In this way, the resulting development may lead to the optimization of both work routines, production methods, and choice of materials, and this will of course benefit our customers.

If products, accessories, or solutions are optimised, it often leads to better pricing, shorter delivery times, or other factors of importance to the customer. In this way, Nissens may achieve our goal of helping to make our customers' business even more competitive.

Quality - An established tradition

Through nearly a century, the co-operation between Nissens and our customers has been based on quality. This means that our customers get exactly what they need because Nissens focuses on quality, delivery security, and innovative thinking. When faced with a challenge, Nissens finds a solution and guarantees that it meets the customer's quality demands. In order to document quality, Nissens is certified according to the demands and specifications of the TS 16494 standards which emphasise continuous quality development by preventing product defects, reducing waste, and ensuring that the products comply with all given specifications.

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