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Moog Products

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High Quality Steering and Suspension Parts from FEDERAL MOGUL

Moog – Federal Mogul's specialist brand for steering and suspension parts - has been manufacturing high quality chassis, steering and suspension parts in the USA since 1919.

Due to its high quality standards and competitiveness, Moog today is one of the leaders in the market and offers a tremendous range of steering and suspension spare parts for almost any kind of European, American and Japanese cars, trucks or busses.


MOOG Steering and Suspension Parts Catalogue - Cars

MOOG Steering and Suspension Parts Catalogue - Cars

MOOG's Steering and Suspension Parts Catalogue covers ball joints, tie rod ends, control arms, rod/strut stabilizers, engine mountings for all common passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The catalogue contains a lot of detailed illustrations and a cross reference list at the end. Multilingual English, Spanish, French etc.

MOOG Steering and Suspension Parts Catalogue - Trucks & Busses

MOOG Steering and Suspension Parts Catalogue - Trucks & Busses

MOOG's Steering and Suspension Parts Catalogue for all common trucks, busses and trailers covers ball joints, tie rod ends, center rods, torque rods etc. The catalogue is structured by OE manufacturers including OE reference numbers. Furthermore a cross reference list is stated at the end of the catalogue. Multilingual English, Spanish, French, Portugese etc.


Moog products improve on original equipment parts and its designs are technician-friendly, offering steering solutions that make the repair easier and improve the overall repair for automotive technicians.

Moog steering and suspension parts are designed and built to strict OE requirements and tested in world-class OE testing facilities. Moog products are distributed only after being subjected to a number of rigorous tests (fatigue, wear, …) successfully.

Moog’s innovations provide a basis for offering fully integrated chassis systems, with parts that deliver

  • improved performance
  • better handling
  • added durability
  • enhanced quality.

Moog chassis parts use lightweight materials for reduced vehicle weight, increased flexing and durability. Using the right materials and having an eye on all characteristics (safety, material cost-quality ration etc.). The product quality matches and even exceeds Original Equipment standards.

Moog repair kits for steerings and suspensions, making chassis repairs quicker and easier than ever before. Hardware and installation guides are included in one pack with all the parts you need. Worn parts and accessories can be replaced, allowing a major improvement in vehicle safety and performance.

Professional technicians trust and value this Federal Mogul brand. Moog products have become the benchmark for steering and suspension due to constantly improveing and testing by its research and development department. All Moog spare parts are 100% tested and approved.

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